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Discover Saffa Jewellery in the UK

Eternal Treasures

Saffa Jewellery in the UK We offer unique yet classic pieces of Sterling Silver and Gold Jewellery to last a lifetime. My original pieces are handmade and then  moulds have been made from original items and castings are made , they are then hand polished & finished and final detail is added to complete each item from matting to V-loop /bai

Our collections are inventive and impressive, designed with close attention to detail.

We are originally from Cape Town South Africa and have been in the industry for over 30 years

Experience the luxury of handmade—shop new items today.

Gold Accessories

The Way It All Began

Beautiful to wear with any ensemble, our handcrafted jewellery is designed to show off your unique and elegant style. Using nothing but the finest materials, every one of our items is made to last and be cherished for generations. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a truly memorable gift, choose Saffa Jewellery in the UK. Browse our site for new arrivals today.

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